PLAYLIST: Understanding Heart Failure Explore more

Explanation of cardiac chambers, valves and function.
Causes and presentation of CHF
Explanation of how fluid builds up in CHF
Systolic and diastolic CHF
Explanation of right ventricular HF and consequences
How heart attack can cause CHF
How abnormal heart valves can cause CHF
Medications and treatments of CHF
Meds, procedures & lifestyle for CHF
Mechanism of vasodilators like ACEI in congestive heart failure
Mechanism of diuretics in congestive heart failure
Heart failure (HF) devices eg ICD
Mechanism of SCD and heart attack
PA pressure monitoring for CHF
Understanding the relationship between nutrtion and CHF

 PLAYLIST: Understanding Heart Attack Explore more

Heart attack by CAD & spasm
Medications, angioplasty & CABG
Explanation of PTCA and stent placement.
Cardiac cath and PCI via the radial artery (TRA)
Explanation of different heart stents
Mechanism of drug-eluting stents (DES)
Understanding cardiac rehabilitation
Understanding the benefits of cardiac rehabilitation


Treatment for sleep apnea using CPAP machine
Chest pain in women must be taken seriously. Dr Tucker discusses his approach to evaluation of chest pain in women
Explanation for patients on how a nuclear stress test is performed
Dr. Michael Gibson discusses the role of inflammation in heart disease and its detection.
Cardiologist Dr Paul Tucker discusses benefits, side effects and myths related to statins
Preventive cardiology dietitian Michelle Routhenstein discusses role of diet in heart disease
Understanding foods and nutrients for good health
How heart attack can cause CHF
Understanding stroke and importance of early recognition
Understanding complications of diabetes
Endocrinologist discusses unique complications of diabetes
CAS with distal protection for stroke prevention.
Explanation of pacemaker or PPM implantation
Stroke due to patent foramen ovale with device treatment
Learn how to perform compressions during a cardiac emergency.
How different cardiac rhythm devices e.g. pacemaker work
Description of wearable defibrillator
Ventricular assist device (VAD) for heart failure (CHF) or shock
Dr Cooper simplifies explanation of PVCs
Association of cardiovascular conditions with diabetes and importance of treatment


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